Talk about Freethought and new Cosmos at our next meeting.


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Don’t Forget about our Meeting

Join us this Sunday

We are getting together again this Sunday March 16 at 10 AM. We are in our usual location in the Skagit Valley Co-op room 309.
This month we are going to watch Part 2 of CFI’s series American Freethought.


Cosmos Reboot

On Sunday March 9th, Fox aired the first in its series for the remake of Carl Sagan Cosmos.
This one featured Neil Degrasse Tyson and looks to be an amazing show.
If you haven’t seen it you can watch it by clicking the image below.


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One comment on “Talk about Freethought and new Cosmos at our next meeting.

  1. Briptu

    I think the CFI situation is benmiocg pretty unique in that Ron and Paul (heh) keep bickering with each other very publicly when they could have kept everything under wraps very easily. It’s not like there aren’t a million other reasons not to be involved with CFI but this just makes it seem like a boys club rather than a decent organization.Ian Justin would say that the arrogance in that statement about CFI being the premier venue is warranted by all the shit they’ve done. But I strongly disagree, especially when he overemphasizes their achievements on a regular basis.

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