National Day of Reason

With the National day of Prayer coming up in a couple of months I felt it was time to get the ball rolling on the National Day of Reason Campaign.

I have sent a version of the letter below to Governor Jay Inslee requesting that his office proclaim May 1st as a Day of Reason in Washington state.  I will also be sending this letter out to several local officials and trying to get it in as letters to the editor in as many papers across the state as I can find.

I urge you to contact you local officials and encourage them to proclaim their own Day of Reason.

As you may already know, the National Day of Prayer was made an official annual day of observance by Congress and President Truman in 1952. On this day each year the President issues a proclamation recognizing the celebration and asking Americans to pray, and government officials at the federal, state, and local levels participate in prayer ceremonies as representatives of the government. Obviously, many Americans and groups like the HNPS, oppose this government-sanctioned religious event as we feel it violates the First Amendment and excludes non-religious Americans.

The National Day of Reason was created to call attention to this unconstitutional event, in addition to celebrating reason and its societal benefits. Every year we call upon government officials at all levels of public service and of all political parties to issue a proclamation showing their commitment to the separation of church and state.

I would like our officials to consider also issuing a Day of Reason proclamation on May 1st, just a Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island and many other local public officials have done in the past.  If you have questions regarding the National Day of Reason, feel free to contact me or visit the official website

Download (DOCX, 14KB)


Darwin Day Proclamation-Mayor New Orleans NDOR Rhode Island Governor NDOR

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